Ledgerium Blockchain roadmap will aim to achieve the following objectives in the upcoming years.

Future Focus Area

The Ledgerium Blockchain aims to keep the roadmap in synch with classical Ethereum and Quorum protocol. Following features will be added in the coming years.

4th Quarter 2019 - ‘Toorak’ and ‘Flinders’ Testnets

  • Ledgerium Blockexplorer
  • Ledgerium Faucet
  • Ledgerium Governance
  • Block Rewards

1st Quarter 2020 - ‘Toorak’ and ‘Flinders’ Testnets

  • Enable On-chain Ledgerium Improvement Plan based Governance
  • Smart Contract-based network permissions

2nd Quarter 2020 - ‘Southbank’ Mainnet Launch

  • First 21 block Producers
  • Secured Private transactions support
  • Wallets, API and SDKs

3rd Quarter 2020 - ‘Servicing’ Mainnet

  • Support of IPFS and integration with different storage systems
  • Asset Transfer with Privacy (ZSL)
  • Support of IPFS and integration with different storage systems
  • Transaction relayers
  • Ethereum Infura like Ledgerium Engine system to which developers can connect to write transactions on the Ledgerium Blockchain.

4th Quarter 2020 - ‘Scaling’ Mainnet

  • Ethereum Plasma & Sharding adoption
  • Enabling side-chains for micropayment for block producers
  • Transaction Manager clusters and auto-recovery of data in case of loss
  • User authentication with a built-in user registry for JSON RPC APIs
  • Private Contract extensibility

1st Quarter 2021 - enabling ‘Cross-Chain Transactions’

  • Compute rent fees
  • Cross shards communication
  • State-of-the-art WASM engines to improve smart contract performance
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