What is XLG?
XLG is the native cryptocurrency used on the Ledgerium blockchain network and it is needed while interacting with Ledgerium Blockchain. Additionally, it is used to compensate block producers who add blocks and secure transactions.
Ledgerium Blockchain deals in Gas which in turn deals in XLG as explained in Gas and XLG

XLG Total Supply

There will be a total supply of 800,000,000 XLGs.

Where to buy XLG ?

An initial supply of 200,000,000 XLGs has been created, of which approximately 25% are currently in unlocked wallets. XLG is currently trading as an ERC-20 token. You can trade, buy or sell the ERC-20 XLG token on the following exchanges.
The Ledgerium Wallet supports sending XLG via a graphical interface.
Last modified 1yr ago