Ledgerium Wallet

Ledgerium Wallet inspired by MetaMask essentially brings a wallet to your browser.

What is a Ledgerium Wallet?

Ledgerium Wallet allows you to interact with Ledgerium blockchain. This means you can use this online wallet for managing, validating, transferring and receiving XLG, but it can also be used to communicate with other smart contacts on Ledgerium blockchain.

You can install Ledgerium Wallet add-on plugin for various browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave. This extension will enable distributed applications or "DApps" in your browser.

Features of Ledgerium Wallet

  • Intuitive UI - It is very easy to use design and doesn't require complex set-up to navigate the application.

  • Multi-lingual - It is available in several international languages.

  • Hardware Wallet - A special hardware device that stores your private keys in a secure manner. The wallet holds the private key in a protected area of a microcontroller, ensuring a full-proof safety feature as keys can't be transferred out of the device.

  • Custom Fee - There is a customized gas limit and gas price for making transactions over the Lederium blockchain.

  • Network options - Developers who are developing Decentralized applications can also access other testnets available through Ledgerium Wallet.

Install Ledgerium Wallet:


  • Git clone https://github.com/ledgerium-io/ledgeriumwallet.git.

  • Go to your respective browser extensions window and follow steps.


1. Switch on Developer Mode.

2. Click load unpacked to load ledgerium meta mask wallet repository which you cloned before.

3. Open Dist folder and then you will see browser-specific folders, open Chrome.

4. You will now see ledgerium wallet extension in your Chrome extension window.

5. A new page opens for Ledgerium wallet.


1. Click on the hamburger menu on the top right-hand side and click on Add-ons.

2. Add-ons Manager page will load and click on debug Add-ons.

3. A new page opens for Temporary extensions, click on Load Temporary Add-on to load ledgerium meta mask wallet repository which you cloned before.

4. Open Dist folder and then you will see browser-specific folders, open Firefox, select any Html file and click Open.

5. A new page opens for Ledgerium Wallet.

Workflow is now the same for all browsers.

  • Click on Get Started and you will be taken to creating a wallet page.

  • Click on create a wallet that leads to agreement page.

  • Once, you click on either option: No Thanks or I Agree, you will be guided to create a password page.

  • After creating a password, you need to set-up a secure seed phrase.

  • Click to reveal secret words. Save your seed phrase for resetting your password. You would need to confirm the seed phrase on the next page.

  • Post confirming the seed phrase, you will see below screen. This marks the completion of the installation of Ledgerium wallet.

Please read more on 'How to make transactions using your Ledgerium Wallet' in Ledgerium box section‚Äč