Install, configure & fund Ledgerium Wallet

This page will show you how to configure the Ledgerium Wallet browser extension. If you already have the Ledgerium Wallet configured, skip to Acquire testnet XLG.

What is Ledgerium Wallet? Ledgerium Wallet is essentially a MetaMask wallet that runs as a self-contained application inside your browser as an extension. It allows you to interact with Decentralized Applications or "DApps". Ledgerium Wallet makes accessing the Ledgerium Testnets very easy and provides you with wallet addresses.

Ledgerium Wallet connected to Flinders Testnet

Install & Configure Go to: Ledgerium Wallet and install the browser extension in Chrome or Firefox.

  • After installing the Wallet extension, open the extension by clicking on the Wallet Ledgerium icon. If prompted to use the New Look, do so.

  • Create a new Ledgerium Account following steps.

    • You will be presented with a 12-word mnemonic phrase; copy that phrase down in a very secure location that only you can access.

    • Change the network selection from 'Main' Ledgerium Network to the 'Toorak' Test Network.